Estate Planning

Estate Planning in Oberlin

In the law firm of Kurt G. Sarringhaus Co., LPA, estate planning is one of our areas of expertise. We work with clients in the Oberlin area to draw up papers that will help protect assets and make sure your wishes are carried out for your estate. We are able to create trusts, set up power of attorney, and other related legal tasks. Please contact our office to make an appointment to discuss your needs. We''re here to help you every step of the way.

What is estate planning?

Estate planning is a way to make sure your loved ones are protected and your assets are managed in a way that you are comfortable with. It's a way to plan for the future, setting up your wishes ahead of time. This type of planning can give you substantial peace of mind, as well as help organize things for your family down the road. We concentrate in this area, and would be honored to help you prepare documents for future use.

Types of estate planning

Estate planning can take many different forms, and these can include things such as
• Trusts
• Wills
• Power of Attorney
• Health care directives, including Living Wills
• Guardianship decisions
• Appropriate beneficiary designations
We will be happy to talk with you in detail about any or all of the above, depending on what your needs are. Call our office to set up an appointment today.


One of the things that sets Kurt G. Sarringhaus Co., L.P.A. apart is the fact that we truly care about our clients and strive to communicate clearly with them during the estate planning process. We don't mind answering questions, running different scenarios, or taking our time with you.
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