Power of Attorney

   Financial Power of Attorney

Kurt G. Sarringhaus Co., L.P.A. can help you set up a power of attorney form for many types of legal situations. From a one-time use power of attorney to more involved paperwork, we know all the details on how to make sure you get the legal help you need. Take a moment to learn more about what is involved with power of attorney forms below, and please contact our office in Oberlin to make an appointment if you need assistance in this area. We're happy to help!

Power of attorney

What exactly is a power of attorney, and why would a person need it? Power of attorney is a legal document that allows another person to make important decisions for you if you are unable to do so yourself, or if you need someone else to take care of something for you. This situation can arise for a number of different reasons, and having a power of attorney in place helps protect your rights and wishes.

Scope of power

At Kurt G. Sarringhaus Co., L.P.A. we work with clients to dial in the amount of power you wish to grant to another party. This can be as limited, or as all-encompassing as you would like, but it is important to make sure everything is spelled out clearly ahead of time. We will respect your direction and draw up the paperwork accordingly.


If you aren't sure you need a power of attorney, or you are unclear on what this type of legal documentation might be able to do for you, feel free to give our office a call. We'll be happy to walk you through the details, and if you like, we can set up a meeting to go through everything you need to get started. Call our office today.
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